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Industrial Ozonator

FUSI TECH is featuring a new launch of Industrial Ozonators that are used by numerous industries, ranging from food, beverage, mining, pool and off-shore and process industries. Besides, the adaptable properties of ozone make it an outstanding replacement or complement to conventional disinfection and treatment methods alongside the feasibility to save huge amounts of production costs as well as improve production and reliability up-time. The provided Industrial Ozonators are designed in different configurations and specifications to suit distinctive applications.
Product Image (FTA05)

Water Ozonator

Price: 19,000 INR/Piece

water ozonator used to reduce disinfection, Colour, odour and turbidity

Product Image (FTW75)

Ozonator For Effluent Treatment Plant

Price: 75000 INR/Piece

75 GPH water Cooled Ozonator used to reduce disinfection, Colour, odour and turbidity present in the ETP product water

Product Image (FTA05)

Ozone Water Purifier

Price: 22000 INR/Piece

Portable Ozonator used for water disinfection purpose

Product Image (FT W50)

Aqua Culture Ozonator

Price: 60,000 INR/Piece

50 GPH water cooled ozonator for aquaculture or RAS

Product Image (FTA05)

Ro Plant Ozonator

Price: 19000 INR/Piece

5GPH ozonator used for disinfection purpose in RO plant and increase the life shell of water.

Product Image (11)

Air Cooled Ozone Generator

Price: 23,000 INR/Piece

1. 10 GPH ozonator capacity. 2. Air cooled type 3. Digital ON and OFF timer. 4. Ozone output controller. 5. MCB protection 6. Ozone ON indicator.

Product Image (FTA20)

Swimming Pool Ozonator

Price: 55,000 INR/Piece

Swimming pool ozonation system for disinfection process

Product Image (FTW50)

Ozonator For Sewage Treatment Plant

Price: 5,20,000 INR/Piece

water ozonator used to reduce disinfection, Colour, odour and turbidity in the STP plant

Product Image (09)

Drinking Water Ozonator

Price: 17,000 INR/Piece

1. 3 GPH capacity. 2. Air cooled ozonator 3. Automatic ON and OFF timer. 4. Out controller. 5. MS panel 6. Digital meters.

Product Image (Disinfection Solution)